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Work With Us!

We are looking for freelancers to help us bring our clients visions to life!

We are committed to to creating space in which young filmmakers, photographers and creative professionals can gain professionalizing experiences beyond the classroom.

So if you have 30 years of experience, or just got out of school and want to learn the ropes, come talk to us!

Application to Join the Freelance Database Below!

Once accepted we will be including you on our crew calls, and may also refer clients directly to you!

Apply to Freelance with Us!

Join our Freelancer Database.

We are looking for freelancers of all 

skill levels, eager and excited to gain professionalizing experience. 

While opportunities will be subject to market forces, we will also arrange for freelancer meetups to provide networking opportunities and build community, as well as training opportunities to brush up on your skills!

What is your primary area of interest?

Thanks for submitting!

If selected we will reach out to schedule a brief interview to gather more specifics so we can match you with the best opportunities

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